Healthly Hair

Hair Care : Taking care of those long flowing locks.

Healthy Hair is a Reflection of Your Well-being

Beautiful hair is cherished by everyone. However, to keep them in healthy condition require a little but regular effort. Let us start with basics of hair grooming:

Keep your brushes & combs clean, wash them weekly using soap or shampoo. Do not damage your hair by using sharp tooth combs as they can cause split ends, & scratch your scalp. Always use brushes & combs with wide spaced bristles & smooth tips. Also, do not use plastic brushes or combs, they create static electricity, thus resulting in causing damage to your hair. Before brushing comb your hair to remove any tangles.Always brush/comb with a downwards stroke. Avoid brushing or combing wet hairs as they are most fragile. Wait until your hair is dry.

Shampooing & Conditioning
Before applying shampoo, rinse your hair throughly to remove any dust, dirt, & any other foreign particles. Apply the shampoo onto your scalp & massage it gently with your finger tips & work your way outwards. Leave shapmpoo on your scalp for few minutes & then rinse your hair. Ensure no shampoo residue is left as they may dry your scalp/hair & or attract dirt.

Use a conditioner after shampooing, it’ll moisturize your hair, give it extra protection, add shine, reduce static, & makes it easier to untangle. Always apply conditioner from the ears down & never on the scalp, the roots of your hair contain the most oils & usually don’t need the extra conditioning.

Use shampoos & conditioners that match your hair type. It is better to use natural hair care products extracted from herbs as they are generally devoid of harmful chemicals & their associated health hazards.

Be gentle when shampooing & conditioning. Shower with warm water, hot water can dry &/or irritate the scalp.